RNC, DNC spokesmen debut bald heads after charity wager

A day after ABC News’s Jonathan Karl took a razor to the heads of the political players on “This Week” Sunday in order to make good on a friendly wager, the duo appeared on MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” to debut their sans-hair style.

“I’m never making another bet without consulting [New York Times statistician] Nate Silver,” Spicer cracked to host Chuck Todd.

The pair had originally made a bet that one of them would shave his head depending on the outcome of the presidential election. Although Spicer lost, both decided to get buzzed to earn money for the childhood cancer research organization, St. Baldrick’s. “[Woodhouse] in a very good-natured, bipartisan way, decided he’d jump in and we would do it together to raise money for this charity,” explained Spicer.

In a video clip of the two ditching their hair for a good cause, Woodhouse yelps at the sight of his new cue ball ‘do, “My kids are going to run.” Spicer joked to Karl, “If only Washington cut spending like you cut hair.”

Woodhouse and Spicer’s show of bipartisanship didn’t stop at their baldness on national TV — the Washington vets also donned ties with the color’s of their opposing political party on “Daily Rundown,” with Woodhouse in red and Spicer in blue.

To promote the charity, Spicer pulled out a St. Baldrick’s T-shirt at the end of the cable news segment, as Woodhouse noted, “It’s a great shirt.”

Todd jested, “Better looking than your heads.”