Booker: Focus should be on supporting NJ senators

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Booker is in what he calls the "preliminary stages" of a run for the U.S. Senate. The rising Democratic star last week formally filed papers with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), but has not announced his candidacy yet and said he is still mulling the decision.

He could end up challenging the five-term Sen. Lautenberg in a 2014 primary if the incumbent seeks reelection. Lautenberg, who turns 89 this month, has not announced whether he will run for another term, and his office last week denied a report that he was considering retirement.

Booker on Sunday said he was "not ruling out" anything as he weighed a bid, including a primary fight against Lautenberg. 

Last week, after Booker filed his papers with the FEC, his political director Mark Matzen told The Hill that the mayor remained focused on "completing his vision for a revitalized Newark — more than a billion dollars in economic development this year alone, reforming education for our kids, building housing and parks and continuing to make progress in reducing crime and violence in the city."