Price leaves door open to primary Chambliss

Price was initially asked by host Chuck Todd about whether he'd be interested in launching a Senate bid, and avoided the question, saying it was "too premature" and that "at this point, right now, I'm concentrating on representing the citizens of the 6th district of Georgia and making certain that we move forward from an economic standpoint in this country."

But when asked why he wasn't ruling it out, he said, "Why would I rule it out at this point? It's not pertinent for the question of the day."

Price is considered a top possibility to challenge Chambliss, whom Georgia conservatives feel has been too centrist in his time in the Senate.

A December survey, from Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, revealed a plurality of respondents, 43 percent, said they would prefer a more conservative nominee for Senate in 2014. However, Chambliss led Price by a 28-percentage-point margin in a hypothetical primary match-up.