Group using apparent al Qaeda recruitment video to slam McConnell on guns

The ad cites a poll from gun control advocacy group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, that it says shows 82 percent of Kentuckians favor mandatory background checks for gun buyers.

"…but Republican leader Mitch McConnell is against them," a narrator says, adding "so, who does agree with Mitch?"

It then screens clips from what appears to be an al Qaeda recruiting video, which includes a man explaining how to get a gun at gun shows without identification.

"You can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle, without a background check, and most likely without having to show an identification card. So what are you waiting for?" the man says in the video.

The ad then urges viewers to call McConnell and "ask him why he's in such bad company."

AUC Executive Tom McMahon called resistance to the gun control bill, which the Senate voted to bring to the floor for debate on Thursday, a "slap in the face" to families who lost loved ones due to gun violence.

“Do Sen. McConnell and fellow Republicans who oppose broader background checks realize how totally out of step they are with the American people considering the only people who agree with them are big gun manufacturers, criminals, and terrorists? Talk about bad company," he said.

McConnell is a top target for Democrats going into 2014, as they believe recent polling, which shows him to be deeply unpopular in his state, indicates he's vulnerable.

He's been targeted by multiple groups on gun control, but his opposition is likely to play well with conservatives in Kentucky, and potentially help ward off a primary challenge from the right.

The ad is backed by a minimal $5,000 buy, and will only run in Lexington during local news shows, to start, but AUC indicated it may double the buy depending on the response.

And AUC spokesman Jeremy Funk told The Hill there could be more to come, if the gun control bill fails to make it through Congress.

"It's just an appetizer of what’s to come for McConnell and others if they kill the gun safety bill," he said.

McConnell's campaign shot back, with campaign manager Jesse Benton accusing "rabid, partisan extremists" of attacking Kentucky's "biggest advocate," and calling the attacks "deplorable."

He went on to tie the ad to Progress Kentucky, a progressive group in the state that issued a racially-charged tweet about McConnell's wife and has been accused of taping a private strategy session between McConnell and his staff.

 “The political Left has proven they’ll stop at nothing to target people who disagree with them. Racist attacks on Mitch's family, illegal bugging, and connecting him with terrorists won’t stop him from fighting for the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Kentuckians," he said.

Watch the ad:

--This post was updated at 10:42 a.m. to reflect comment from McConnell's campaign.