McConnell campaign releases cinematic video on 'American Ideal'

The video uses audio from McConnell's Conservative Political Action Conference speech, during which he rallied the crowd to fight against liberals, using a stack of ObamaCare regulations taller than him as a symbol for excessive regulations.

"Grounded in the principles that unite us, we'll fight this and every other assault on liberty that the left throws at us until we restore the American ideal," he says.

The video features shots of working Americans and American symbols like the Statue of Liberty and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. It will be promoted via social media and elsewhere online, and targeted to voters in Kentucky and nationwide.

It's the first video for the campaign created by Lucas Baiano, a hire from earlier this week who worked on both Tim Pawlenty and Texas Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaigns and most recently did advertising work for BMW and Volkswagen.

Campaign manager Jesse Benton said that McConnell is at the head of the conservative revival.

"Senator McConnell is leading our Conservative Comeback. He knows that if we stick to our principles and lead with a clear, strong voice, the country will follow," he said.

McConnell is considered by Washington Democrats to be one of the most vulnerable senators in the nation, due to polling from a Democratic firm that shows him deeply unpopular in his state and nationwide.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Justin Barasky noted that polling and charged that no video can improve McConnell's image.

"Not even Steven Spielberg could direct a film that could make Mitch McConnell look good. No senator in the country is more unpopular with his or her constituents than Mitch McConnell, so it’s unlikely that the team who couldn't propel Tim Pawlenty ahead of Herman Cain or Michelle Bachman is going to do the trick," he said.

But Democrats have yet to field a candidate to run against him, and McConnell has been able to build his own narrative unimpeded by opponents, using largely warm spots like this new video.

--This post was updated at 10 a.m. to reflect comment from the DSCC.