Liberal group accuses Rove of 'misleading' public on Benghazi

The pro-Democratic group accused Karl Rove, who founded American Crossroads, of "misleading the American public on matters of national security."

"From selling the war in Iraq, fudging intelligence, Valerie Plame, and the new Crossroads ad on Benghazi, Rove has been deceiving Americans for more than a decade," said a statement released by Chris Harris, communications director of the American Bridge 21st Century Foundation/Bridge Project.

The video, titled "Karl Rove's Decade of Deception," intersperses clips of political pundits and journalists discussing Rove's past.

"Karl Rove manipulated intelligence … he even revealed the identity of a CIA spy for political gain … if Rove couldn't be trusted then, why should we trust him now?" says a narrator.

Last week, Crossroads unveiled a video accusing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of misleading the public on the cause of the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead, including the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

In a video, the conservative super-PAC asserts that the "ambassador's deputy" briefed Clinton on the morning of the incident. Crossroads says Clinton knew it was terrorism, but continued to push the message that an Internet video and protests led to the attack. 

"A 22-year-old career diplomatic veteran, intimidated for daring to blow the whistle, all under Hillary Clinton's watch. How could this happen? Why did she blame a video? And was she part of a cover-up?" says a narrator in the Crossroads video.

Although the Crossroads video mentions other administration officials, including United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, it primarily focuses on Clinton, who has been repeatedly mentioned as a possible 2016 Democratic presidential candidate.

The former secretary of State is facing new calls to return to Capitol Hill to testify again.