OFA launches new video series to promote immigration reform

In its inaugural video, OFA decided to focus on the immigration debate's impact on the tech community. The video features the story of Convo.com Founder Faizan Buzdar and his struggle to move his business to Silicon Valley.

Buzdar, who is from Pakistan, explains how tech startups can create new jobs for Americans and bring wealth to the economy by churning out new innovations. He argues the current immigration system can keep businesses from planting their roots in the U.S., noting his own difficulties with the visa system.

"As soon as we made the decision to set up an office here, it became clear that immigration was going to be the first biggest hurdle," Buzdar says in the video.

"I think it's very important for people to understand the impact that startups and innovation have on the economy and get involved in that discussion and reach out to their lawmakers and make them aware of this issue," he adds.

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