Senate candidates look for help in final days of Massachusetts race

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But one of the biggest question marks looming over the campaign in its final days is whether Republican Gabriel Gomez will get his own boost from a high-profile GOP closer, like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown.

“He’s saying he’s a different type of Republican. If he marches in with a bunch of Republican elected officials, he’s no longer a different type of Republican, he’s the same as the rest,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center.

The most recent Suffolk poll found Markey holding a single-digit lead over Gomez, a private-equity executive and former Navy SEAL who has distanced himself from national Republicans.

Gomez’s posture as a Republican outsider has limited his ability to lean heavily on the national party to help close the gap on Markey, who has called in favors from some of the biggest guns in the Democratic party.

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