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House pressed to back 'border surge'

The center-right group American Action Network is launching ads calling for the House to pass increased border security measures, a move designed to encourage the lower chamber to get moving on immigration reform.

The $100,000 ad buy, running exclusively on Fox News to target conservative viewers, calls on Congress to pass the "border surge" agreement that was included in the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform package. Its timing is aimed at putting pressure on the House to act ahead of a Wednesday meeting of House Republicans to discuss the way forward on immigration.

"It's called the border surge. The toughest border security plan ever passed by Congress. Seven hundred miles of new fencing. Twenty thousand new border patrol agents. Radar. Night vision. Even drones. Written with border patrol agents, and supported by conservative leaders like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan," the ad's narrator says. "This is the tough border security America needs. Call Congress. Tell them to support the border surge. Tell them to pass conservative immigration reform."

The hope of some pro-immigration reform conservatives is to get the House to act on a few aspects of immigration reform so that they and the Senate can get to a conference committee and hammer out the final legislative language. But the main thrust of this effort is simply to keep the spotlight on the issue.

The organization has long been on board with pushing forward the immigration debate — this is its fourth ad buy on the matter this year, totaling $750,000.

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