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Booker touts Newark record in second ad

The ad features Booker speaking about solving problems generally as on-screen text outlines his efforts to bring businesses to Newark, investments to the city's schools and a decline in shootings in Newark.

“When you bring people together to focus on our real problems, even the most difficult things become possible. When we are unafraid to be innovative and reach for new answers, remarkable things can happen," Booker says in the ad.

"That’s why I’m running for Senate. Because I know, New Jersey, that together we can do better.”

The spot will run on cable statewide, and will replace Booker's first ad, a straight-to-camera spot also outlining his record as mayor. None of Booker's Democratic primary opponents have yet gone on air with ads.

The focus of the two ads is indicative of what the mayor's campaign sees as one of his greatest liabilities in the short primary race — the perception that his record as mayor is thin.

His Democratic primary opponents have avoided attacking Booker outright, but Reps. Rush Holt and Frank Pallone have both characterized themselves as problem-solvers who get things done in Washington, an effort to create an implicit contrast between the candidates.

“We need a senator who’s actually going to go down to Washington, reach across the aisle, pass legislation and make a difference,” Pallone said at a campaign stop last week.

Booker, however, remains the heavy favorite to take the nomination. A poll out Tuesday gave him 52 percent support among Democrats. Whomever wins the party's nomination is expected to retain the seat.