Giuliani: Weiner 'is not prepared to be mayor' of NYC

"I am going to put Eliot aside for a second and just talk about Anthony for a minute. Anthony is not prepared to be mayor. Forget the crazy stuff," Giuliani said in the interview Tuesday. "He is not prepared to be mayor. He was not an effective congressman."

Giuliani said Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) said the former congressman never passed significant legislation in Congress.

"Charlie Rangel the other day was being interviewed and Charlie just put the knife in and Charlie said, 'Well, I don’t really remember him. He never passed anything," Giuliani said. 

"You go talk to Democrats. Don’t talk to me and Republicans, go talk to Democrats about Anthony Weiner. He was not a good congressman, and the same thing is true of Eliot Spitzer. He warped the Attorney General’s office in a really destructive way, and his time as governor was a disaster before he got himself caught with the Mayflower Hotel."

Spitzer announced his candidacy on Sunday.

A Wall Street Journal-NBC New York-Marist poll found Weiner leading the mayoral race, ahead of New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.