GOP challenger slams McConnell as ‘mudslinging Mitch’

“What are fact-checkers saying about Mudslinging Mitch’s latest attacks on conservative Matt Bevin?” the statewide ad asks. It then quotes The Washington Post and Fox News to say the ads are “misleading” and similar to “Obama campaign attacks.”

A spokesperson for Bevin told The Hill that he hadn’t taken complete control of the company until August 2011, after which he paid off the back taxes.

The latest Bevin ad also criticized McConnell’s vote for the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street banks in 2008.

“After 30 years in Washington voting for one bailout after another, slinging mud is all Sen. McConnell has left,” the ad said.

McConnell is a fierce fundraiser and has amassed a near-$10 million campaign war chest, but some Democrats and conservatives see his seat as vulnerable.

Bevin recently received the endorsement of the United Kentucky Tea Party and the Madison Project, a national conservative group that backs primary challengers. A number of other prominent conservative groups, including the Club for Growth, have indicated support for Bevin’s bid.

But McConnell has the strong support of fellow Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul, a national Tea Party favorite.