AARP leader calls Weiner's 'Grandpa' comment unfortunate

Anthony Weiner's description of a rival candidate as "Grandpa" was "unfortunate," AARP's New York director said Wednesday.

Beth Finkel, the director of the lobbying group for retired Americans in New York, said “a person’s age should not be a factor in politics or anything else.” 

Finkel’s comments were prompted when a local New York TV station caught an unscripted moment between Weiner and George McDonald, 69, a long-shot rival bidding to defeat Weiner in the New York mayoral race. 

McDonald accused Weiner of starting a confrontation by patting his chest before a candidate forum Tuesday. When McDonald confronted him, Weiner said McDonald had anger issues, insisting “but you do, Grandpa.”

Weiner on Wednesday didn’t apologize, arguing that he was alluding to McDonald’s many references to his granddaughter on the campaign trail. 

Weiner has faced an onslaught of criticism since his reemergence into New York politics. He admitted last month that he continued to “sext” with woman, even after he resigned from Congress in 2011 for similar reasons.