NRCC hits Peterson for being out of touch, McIntyre on spending in new ads

As The Hill reported last week, both are small ad buys — enough to run the ads a few times on cable in each district — but are a sign the NRCC believes the two longtime incumbents are worth targeting this election cycle.

McIntyre barely held on in his heavily Republican district in 2012, while Peterson has been able to avoid tough challenges in his Republican-leaning district in the past despite having early money spent against him in previous campaigns.

The ads go after Peterson for being out of touch with the district's farmers despite his position as ranking member on the House Agriculture Committee, and go after McIntyre for his personal finances — a new line of attack after focusing mostly on tying him to President Obama last election cycle.

"After 20 years in Congress, Collin Peterson has lost touch. His vote on cap-and-trade is something that definitely hurt farmers. With all due respect, it's time for Collin Peterson to go," a Minnesota farmer says in the ad hitting Peterson.

"Congressman Mike McIntyre sure likes spending our money," the NRCC's ad against McIntyre says. "For nearly 20 years, he's voted against balanced budgets, while our debt skyrocketed. And McIntyre's been living the good life — on our dime. McIntyre leased three cars and gave us the bill, charged us for his anniversary in a 5-star hotel, even took a 30 percent pay increase. Free spending Mike McIntyre. He's wasting our money on him."