Dems mock GOP reboot: ‘Same old party'

The video kicks off with Priebus saying last week that Republicans are "united" in the belief that "principles are sound," and they instead need to change voters' minds, then contrasts it with GOP strategist Ana Navarro saying a week earlier that "there's nothing unifying right now in the Republican Party."

The video then runs through a bevy of Republicans, reporters and Democratic analysts criticizing the GOP's attempts to increase outreach to minorities, women and younger voters.

"The Republicans have been a party of no for so long that nobody really knows what they stand for," Cook Political Report National Editor Amy Walter says.

"You don't just sit back and nick the other side. You have to lay out a plan," Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) says in the video. Walker was referencing the difference between GOP governors' approach and the approach used by those in Washington.

Republicans have been struggling to seek a way forward since the 2012 election, with most establishment leaders pushing for a move to the middle, while a large chunk of the base — and many elected officials — have doubled down on a more conservative, ideological approach to governance.