Cuccinelli hits McAuliffe on 'war on the working poor' in new ad

"It's often called his war on coal, but it's more than that. It's a war on the working poor, our livelihood. Now, Terry McAuliffe wants to lead the attack," the ad's narrator says as images of President Obama and McAuliffe flash onscreen.

The ad then plays a clip of McAuliffe saying  "I never want another coal plant built" before promising that "as governor, Ken Cuccinelli will fight to protect Virginia coal and Virginia families."

Coal is a particularly salient issue in Appalachian southwest Virginia, where it's a major industry.

Cuccinelli has slipped behind McAuliffe in recent polling, though both candidates have their own struggles dealing with controversies. Cuccinelli recently sent $18,000 to charity, the amount he'd received from a GOP donor with business in front of the state, while McAuliffe continues to face questions about a clean energy car company he founded.