Americans for Prosperity launches $3M anti-ObamaCare ad featuring cancer survivor

"Your well-being judged by a bureaucrat in D.C. is devastating. I do not want my children to be a name or a number in a computer — they are people," she continues. "Our government is not organized to take care of us. They aren't, they can't. We are the best in the world and thats's what we want to keep, is the same level of care. I've had the best care in the world and I want the same for you."

The ad is the latest in a series from AFP, a group heavily funded by the Koch Brothers, that attacks the law as it inches closer to implementation. Most of the ads have used female narrators with the aim of convincing women the law is bad policy. It will run through the first week of October in four states with top Senate races — Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina — as well as in the traditional swing states of Ohio and Virginia.