McAuliffe slams Cuccinelli-Cruz appearance in new ad

The ad rips Cuccinelli for the planned appearance using local news clips, then plays a 2006 clip when he says he would have "gone right over the brink" to fight a Virginia tax increase to argue he supports government shutdowns as a political tactic.

The government shutdown is fast becoming a major issue in the Virginia gubernatorial race — more than 150,00 federal workers live in the state, whose economy heavily relies on the federal government and military bases.

Cuccinelli has been hitting the theme hard as well. He has been running web and radio ads painting McAuliffe as a creature of a broken Washington, "against working together to find solutions."

His campaign fired back against the ad.

"It's interesting that Terry McAuliffe has not yet said whether he agrees with Ken Cuccinelli's call for the president, his cabinet and all members of Congress to decline their pay checks during the government shutdown. His silence might have something to do with his fear of upsetting his many friends inside the beltway," said Cuccinelli spokeswoman Anna Nix. "The fact is, Terry McAuliffe is the only candidate in this race who has called for a government shutdown and he's the only candidate who has said one side shouldn't negotiate with the other to work out a solution. Make no mistake, McAuliffe will bring Washington, D.C., style tactics and brinkmanship straight to Richmond."

McAuliffe has lead Cuccinelli in most polling of the race.

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