September 30, 2014

Perry: I was ‘arrogant’ during 2012 run

"I did not prepare. I was a bit arrogant,” said Perry, who is weighing a 2016 run.
September 30, 2014

DSCC paints McConnell as self-dealing insider in new television ad

“The longer he’s there, the more Washington’s changed him,” a narrator says.
September 30, 2014

Reid, Daschle feud erupts

Senate Democratic leader rips predecessor in fight over party’s South Dakota candidate.
September 30, 2014

Greens launch $1 million campaign against Ernst in Iowa

The ad buy is a homestretch effort to defeat Ernst.
September 29, 2014

Kentucky mom says McConnell saved her daughter in new ad

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is out with a new ad featuring a Kentucky mom who...
September 29, 2014

Club for Growth hits McAllister on fiscal issues in new ad

The ad says the Republican voted for a budget that "raised taxes and increased spending."
September 29, 2014

GOP: Sen. Hagan AWOL on ISIS

A new ad criticizes Sen. Kay Hagan as missing half her panel's hearings.
September 29, 2014

Party bosses place midterm bets

Tough decisions have to be made between now and Election Day.
September 28, 2014

Boehner: 'I'd bring the Congress back'

The Speaker said "Congress ought to consider" a resolution authorizing ISIS fight.
September 27, 2014

WATCH LIVE: 2014 Values Voter Summit

The Family Research Council holds its 8th annual Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.