May 14, 2016

WATCH: How Sanders could create a Dem convention fight

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is unlikely to catch Hillary Clinton in delegates...
May 12, 2016

Trump backers: Healing will happen

Two lawmakers backing Donald Trump praised his meeting with Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday as a good...
May 12, 2016

Clinton launches blitzkrieg on Trump

Hillary Clinton is going negative early on Donald Trump.  
May 10, 2016

Democrats see Clinton and Warren as dream team

Democrats are openly hoping Clinton will pick Elizabeth Warren as her running mate.
May 5, 2016

Trump's VP: Top 10 contenders

There's already speculation on who the presumptive GOP nominee will pick.
May 4, 2016

WATCH: Pundits, politicians eat their words on Trump

Pundits and politicians have long doubted this day would come.
May 3, 2016

Sanders: I will upset Clinton and defeat Trump in November

"I sense some great victories coming," he said after winning Indiana.
May 3, 2016

Breaking down Indiana's GOP primary

The Hill's Ian Swanson and Lisa Hagen discuss what's at stake in Tuesday's crucial Republican...
May 3, 2016

Most say Fiorina VP pick won't sway vote

Sixty percent have no opinion of Fiorina or say she has "no impact" for Cruz.
May 2, 2016

Clinton allies fume over Sanders's vow to fight on

Many Democrats believe Clinton has effectively clinched the nomination.