WATCH LIVE: Vice president hosts Medal of Valor ceremony

The White House ceremony underscores efforts by the Obama administration to avoid looming sequestration cuts that could result in furloughs for first-responders and an effort spearheaded by Biden to pass new regulations on firearms.

Recipients of the award to be honored at Wednesday's event are primarily public-safety officials who demonstrate bravery in the face of armed suspects and assailants. They include a Minnesota policewoman who was shot — and whose partner was killed — responding to an estranged ex-husband who had broken into a woman's apartment; a Florida corrections officer who disarmed an inmate who had taken a fellow officer hostage; and an Arkansas wildlife officer who inserted himself into the midst of a violent firefight to save the life of fellow officers.

The list of honorees for Wednesday's ceremony, as provided by the White House: Officers Julie Olson, Reeshemah Taylor, Sean Haller, Rafael Rivera, Timothy McClintick, Max McDonald and Douglas Weaver; Wildlife Officer Michael Neel; Troopers Robert Lombardo and Joshua Miller (posthumously); Firefighters Peter Demontreux, Hope Scott and William Reynolds; Deputy Sheriff Krista McDonald; Deputies Cameron Justus (posthumously) and William Stiltner (posthumously); and Sergeants Karl Lounge Jr. and Thomass Baitinger (posthumously).

The Medal of Valor was first established in 2001, and has been awarded 78 times, including Wednesday's recipients.

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