August 27, 2012

The Hill's Monday Morning RNC Review

The Hill held its first in a series of RNC review policy breakfasts at the Republican National...
August 17, 2012

Red Carpet Rundown: August 20 and August 27, 2012

Get In the Know with two weeks of the Red Carpet Rundown. 
August 10, 2012

Red carpet rundown: Aug. 13, 2012

Get “In the Know” on all the latest events, parties and more with The Hill’s weekly Red Carpet...
August 3, 2012

Red carpet rundown: August 6, 2012

Get “In the Know” on all the latest events, parties and more with The Hill’s weekly Red Carpet...
August 2, 2012

Chaffetz: I look at the election ‘with Mitt Romney goggles on’

With fewer than 100 days to go until the election, both sides agree the economy is the major issue...
August 2, 2012

The Hill policy breakfast livestream: Five key issues that will decide the 2012 election

Rep. Chris Van Hollen is among the panelists discussing jobs, the economy, defense, healthcare and...
August 1, 2012

Will Ferrell's 'The Campaign' character inspired by John Edwards

Moviegoers shouldn’t be shocked if they have flashbacks to the 2008 election while watching Will...
May 17, 2012

The Hill policy lunch: GOP Rep. Mike Rogers on global affairs

Republican Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) is joining The Hill in launching its new Global Affairs blog...
May 16, 2012

The Hill Policy Breakfast: Monetary policy, gas prices and small businesses

The Hill continues its Policy Breakfast series Thursday with an event on small business featuring...
May 10, 2012

A.B. Stoddard’s conversation with Rep. Schock about energy, gay marriage

The Hill’s A.B Stoddard took her questions about taxes, energy and gay marriage to Rep. Aaron...