Rubio, on Charlie Crist speaking at DNC, says 'I told you so'

Rubio defeated Crist in the Republican primary for what is now Rubio's Senate seat.

"I told you so. I mean, that’s what I — that’s one of the reasons why I ran four years — three years ago, because I felt that not only did he not represent the views of the Republican Party, but in essence had really abandoned them," Rubio said Thursday in an interview on Fox. "And that’s why I ran in that primary.

On Monday the Democratic National Committee announced that Crist, a Republican turned Independent who conservatives have said is too friendly with Democrats, would speak at the DNC in early September. Rubio also said in the same interview that he was interested to hear what Crist would say at the convention in Charlotte, N.C.

"He certainly has a right to do that," Rubio continued. "Although I’m very curious to see what he’ll say at the convention and how he’ll try to reinvent some of the things he’s said in the past to reconcile those things with his new position. My only observation is he’s running out of parties to run under."