Ann Romney: Mitt showed the 'deepest part of his soul' in convention speech

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Ann Romney on Friday said her husband’s personal — and at times emotional — speech to the Republican National Convention showed voters “the deepest part of his soul.”

Appearing on several news networks the morning after the GOP candidate accepted his party’s presidential nomination, Ann Romney said she couldn’t be prouder of his performance. 

"This is how I see him, this is the emotional part of him that I know so well," she told NBC's "Today" show. 

Mitt Romney’s speech had been anticipated as a chance for him to tell his "story" and get personal about his religion and history.

At one point in his speech, the Republican candidate choked up when he spoke about how his father — former Michigan Gov. George Romney — left a rose for his mother every morning at her bedside throughout their marriage. 

“That's how she found out what happened on the day my father died — she went looking for him because that morning, there was no rose,” Romney said.

Ann Romney told NBC she knew her husband was thinking about his parents during the speech. Romney had previously said he hoped his late father got a little "time off" to watch the speech.

She told CNN she and her husband were "very reflective last night" after the speech, thinking about his parents and the people who spoke on his behalf at the convention.

"That was the feeling that we had, was just this gratitude that we had for the life that we've lived and the lives of the people we've touched who stood up and said, 'This is making us mad, these attacks on this guy,' " she said.

The final night of the GOP convention featured speeches by friends of Mitt Romney who offered testimonials about his religious faith and personal generosity, including one couple who told how the candidate would visit their son, stricken with cancer, in his hospital room. 

Ann Romney also told Fox News she plans to watch the Democratic National Convention next week.

"I want to hear the president speak and I'm assuming Michelle will speak and I want to hear her as well," she said.

Michelle Obama said this week she has not been watching the convention, and according to the White House neither has President Obama.