Griffith: Regulations are 'full-blown government barriers' to jobs

Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) called on President Obama to support House GOP efforts to curb regulations he and other Republicans call excessive. 

“For years, excessive regulations have been a source of frustration for businesses trying to stay afloat," he said in the Republican weekly address. "Now, with our economy struggling and red tape still piling up, these nuisances have become full-blown government barriers to job creation."

Griffith said "excessive regulations are reversible and fixable."

"That’s why the Republican majority in the House is focused on lifting the burden of excessive regulations," he said.

Griffith, a freshman elected in the Tea Party-fueled 2010 election that brought Republicans back to power in the House, called out rules limiting pollution from industrial boilers and toxic emissions from cement factories as being particularly excessive.

"The House is working on a series of bills this fall aimed at cutting red tape and stopping the excessive regulations that hamper job creation," Griffith said. "Next week, we’ll take up bipartisan bills that address the concerns employers have about both the cement and boiler rules."