Rep. King calls failed bomb plot an "act of war"

House Homeland Security Chairman  Peter King called the foiled plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in America an “act of war” Tuesday. 

“This would have been an act of war…this goes beyond anything that I’m aware of that’s happened before,” Rep. King continued, “it’s certainly raised relationship between the U.S. and Iran to a very precipitous level.”

King suggested that the U.S. take some type of military action on Iran in response to the planned attack to the Saudi of Arabian Embassy in Washington, D.C.  Two men are in custody with planning the attack and the Iranian government demonstrated some level of involvement in bomb plot.

In addition military steps, Rep. King said he would support the removal of Iranian officials working in the U.S.  

For more information on the plot, as well as Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement on the investigation read more the Blog Briefing Room.