GOP congressman: Obama’s new slogan is ‘odd choice’

House Republicans on Monday night mocked President Obamas new We cant wait slogan that he introduced in a Las Vegas speech earlier in the day.

Obama used the slogan to stress his plans to introduce an administrative effort to help people refinance their mortgages. The plan, to be run through the Federal Housing Finance Agency, is aimed at making an existing refinancing program available to more borrowers.

In my opinion, this slogan is an odd choice, especially coming from the president and his party, Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.) said on the House floor. Right now, 15 different House-passed jobs bills, each reducing the red tape that is hindering small business, each removing obstacles to domestic energy production, are stuck in the Senate awaiting action from Democratic leadership.

Mr. Speaker, the president is right: We cant wait, he said, criticizing the Senates inaction.

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