Rep. King wants to kick Iranian diplomats out of the US

House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King (R-N.Y.) called Wednesday for the expulsion of Iranian officials serving in posts in the U.S.  

“Because of Iran actively plotting against the U.S. ... the U.S. is clearly in its legal right to expel those officials from Washington, D.C., and from the United Nations,” King said on CNN.  

Earlier this month the Justice Department announced that two men with ties to Iran were being charged with a terrorist plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington, D.C. The Obama administration accused the Iranian government of being involved in the terrorist plot.

King held a hearing Wednesday investigating Iranian terror operations targeting the U.S. and said that based on his findings there are Iranian officials working in America involved in spying and plotting attacks.

“Iranians have diplomats in New York ... they also have people in Washington, D.C. I am very convinced…that within those groups are people who are, one; involved with terrorist forces back in Iran, others are obviously involved in attempting to do espionage in this country,” King said.