Rep. Waters gives floor speech composed by social media followers upset over the economy

All of the comments Waters used in the speech called for action on the economy.

Stop worrying about party and do something for the people,” Waters read. Pass the jobs bill, we all need to work.

One user explicitly linked congressional inaction to the Occupy Wall Street movement that has inspired protests around the country.

The global Occupy Wall Street movement illustrates beautifully the consciousness of the people which has been missing from the political landscape, Waters read.

Others added a personal element to their responses.

We have not been able to save for our childrens college education as we live paycheck to paycheck, Waters recounted. We worry about the more immediate dilemma — will we be able to keep our home? We are two months behind in our mortgage. Bank of America, our lender, was bailed out with our tax money. Now who is going to bail us, who played by the rules and worked hard, out? 

Waters gathered the parts of her speech by asking people to use the hashtag #ourspeech on Twitter or comment on her Facebook page in response to the question, “If I could give a speech on the House floor about jobs and the economy, what would I say?”

Waters’s office selected the responses used in her speech, and she tweeted her congratulations back to those who got in.