Christmas and taxes: A poem by Rep. Tonko

Tonko's poem:

'Twas the week before Christmas when all through the House,
a cry echoed louder than a roaring mouse.
Don't raise our taxes on us, please be fair,
or our middle class will be lost in despair.
The majority was plotting, a thought in its head,
'We should staunchly opposed, what from the president was led.
Millionaires shall be spared, not a penny we sap,
But Keystone pipeline, we shall never, ever scrap.'
When outside the chamber, there arose such a clatter,
the public was disgusted and shouted, 'We matter!'
Away to offices lawmakers flew in a flash,
to change this bill or else it will crash.
End of year coming and no jobs plan to show,
they said no regulations was the best way to go.
Then what to our debate should suddenly appear,
but a sentiment from the public, those in office should fear.
'Come on Congress, be fair and be quick,
don't be deceiving and don't be so slick.'
More rapid the calls and the emails, the came.
'No pipeline,' said Senator I won't name.
So let's get to work and not be Grinches this season.
The economy and middle class are clearly the reason.
We should have a straight vote, not this 400-page show.
And help America's middle class and small business grow.
Let's spring into action and get this bill done,
we have other work, in fact, there's a ton.
Spending bills, 'doc fix,' unemployment and more;
before the year ends, they must all come to the floor.
We serve our constituents and our nation first;
for jobs and opportunity many of us thirst.
Clean air and clean water should not be rolled back.
Deregulatory riders, bills should well lack.
Thus we go forward to end of the year,
good will and good tidings, this Congress must steer,
working together with all of our might.
Happy holidays for all, and for fairness let's fight.