Rep. Jones imagines girl saying her soldier father 'died for nothing' in Afghanistan

Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), a vocal critic of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, on Thursday morning said he imagines that a little girl who lost her father in Afghanistan will someday come to realize that her father "died for nothing."

Jones usually speaks at least once a week on the floor against U.S. military actions abroad, and often criticizes Afghan President Hamid Karzai. But his remarks on Thursday go against the usual sentiment expressed by members of Congress — that members of the Armed Forces who die overseas have contributed to an important result.

"All I can think about that little girl is, one day she'll ask her mother, 'Tell me about my father,' " Jones said, as he stood near a large picture of a war widow and her young daughter as they received a folded up American flag from a Marine officer.

"And the mother will say, 'Well, your father was a wonderful man and he gave his life in Afghanistan.'

"Then the little girl will go to school and she'll read the books about the war in Afghanistan, and she'll say, 'Why did my father die? He died for nothing. He died for a corrupt leader.' "

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