Dems propose resolution disapproving of Issa's actions against Holder

The resolution they introduced Thursday criticizes Issa for politicizing his committee's investigation, and restricting the rights of Democrats in that investigation. For example, it complains that Democrats were not allowed to call witnesses for any hearings.

It also complaints that Issa called Holder a liar on national television. The GOP has said the Obama administration misled Congress by saying it does not allow gun-walking across the U.S.-Mexico border, later withdrawing the comment.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) read the text of the Democratic resolution, which ends by saying the House "disapproves of the behavior of this chair for interfering with ongoing criminal investigations, insisting on a personal attack against the Attorney General of the United States, and for calling the Attorney General of the United States a liar on national television without corroborating evidence."

Jackson Lee said the resolution finds that this set of activities "thereby discredits the integrity of the House."

The presiding officer said the House would render a decision on whether the resolution is privileged or not two days after its introduction.