Rep. Maloney: ‘Military-type weapons’ should not be ‘out on the streets’

"I truly do believe that it's time for Congress to act," Maloney said on MSNBC's "Jansing & Co."

Maloney, who is a cosponsor of a bill to ban high capacity ammunition magazines, argued that the proposed legislation would "not in anyway" infringe on people's right to own guns, hunt or engage in target practice.

"In this case he had a hundred rounds," she said of James Holmes, the lone suspect in the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting. "He didn't have to stop to reload. There was no chance for people to try to overpower him or to escape and I don't believe that these military-type weapons and these magazines should be out on the streets of America." 

According to reports the alleged gunman, Holmes, used a rifle modified with a drum magazine, along with other weapons to attack moviegoers. Reports said his weapon finally jammed before police were able to apprehend him.

The New York congresswoman said no single law can completely prevent acts of violence, but said "steps can be taken to save lives."

She advocated for a "practical" national conversation and bipartisan solution on gun control.

"There is no reason why you have 100 rounds of ammunition. That is just an assault weapon killing machine and I personally believe these magazines should be banned. They serve no purpose, but to kill people, so why in the world are we allowing this," Maloney added.