Retiring Rep. Boren ‘ding-dong ditches’ Rep. Kucinich

“We're going to go knock on his door and then get out of here," Boren whispers, pointing at the name plate outside Kucinich’s office.

Kucinich himself makes a guest appearance, opening his door and peering around after Boren makes a run for it.

According to Boren's office, the congressman was pleased with the video and the interview was all in good fun. A former Boren intern, local ClotureClub “humorist” Andrew Heaton, interviews the congressman in the video.

Boren, who announced his retirement from Congress last year, worked with a former intern — local ClotureClub “humorist” Andrew Heaton — on the video.

Another item on Boren’s list is running a race down the halls of the House office building where his office is located. Boren’s office confirmed the “race,” set to the theme of “Chariots of Fire,” was filmed in the Rayburn House Office Building.

Other items on Boren’s list include answering the phone when a random constituent called his office and “fun” with the elevator when House members head out of the building for a vote. Boren hits the buttons for all the floors and then hurriedly exits. He also shows Heaton that he gets to “hunt all the time in my office” by playing games on his iPad.

Updated at 4:06 p.m.