Boehner: 'I don’t want to limit the options' on fiscal deal

The Speaker is waiting on the president.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Friday said President Obama has an “opportunity to lead” on the fiscal cliff — and refused to offer more specific Republican ideas on how to avert the mandatory spending cuts and expiring tax rates that are looming in the new year. 

The Speaker reiterated that he wanted an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff while setting up a larger deficit deal in 2013. He also repeated his longstanding opposition to increasing tax rates. 

But when asked to provide details, Boehner kept his cards close to his vest.

“I would really rather not do that because I don’t want to limit the options that would be available to me or the options that might be available to the White House,” Boehner said in a press conference at the Capitol. “There are a lot of ways to get there, and I don’t want to preclude anyone who might have a good idea of how we move forward.”

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