Rep. Steve King says not to expect more Hastert-rule defying votes in House

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) predicted Monday that with Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) working to unify the Republican caucus after the divisive “fiscal cliff” fight, House leaders would avoid offering votes on legislation driven by Democratic support.

"John Boehner's tone and his body language … was all about how we pull our conference together and work together," King told CNN. "I don't think you'll see another bill that comes to the floor that's got that large a number of Democrat votes."

"It's going to be a Republican agenda that he drives, and I think he's about unifying our conference," he added.

The "fiscal cliff" compromise passed 257-167, although Republicans voted 151-85 against passage. Coupled with Boehner's defeat on his so-called "Plan B" and a narrow reelection to the Speakership, many have been openly wondering if Boehner has control of the Republican Conference. 

The "fiscal cliff" vote violated the so-called “Hastert Rule,” by which Speakers customarily prevent a vote on legislation unless a majority of their majority supports it.

King also said that despite looming battles over immigration and gun control, Inauguration Day wasn't the time for politics.

"This should be a healing day, and then tomorrow we can start the harder work," King said.

The Iowa lawmaker also said Republicans had an obligation to their constituents to oppose the president's efforts, despite calls for bipartisanship.

"Those of us who won an election think of our constituents deserving of the best representation," King said.