Crowley's rendition of 'American Pie' scores big with Pelosi

A video from the Capital New York website shows the House minority leader swaying back and forth and getting her groove on as Crowley strums the guitar and plays the Don McLean hit “American Pie.”

When asked by ITK what he thought of Pelosi’s shimmying and shaking her stuff, Crowley replied in an email, “Whether it's out-maneuvering Republicans or performing on stage, Leader Pelosi continues to show she's got all the right moves."

Although the congressman made a few changes to the lyrics of the 1971 classic — including changing the list of people he admired most from the “Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost” to “Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi the most” — he says performing, rather than songwriting, is his main focus.

It’s not the first time Crowley has put his musical chops on full display. The guitarist and co-chairman of the Congressional Musicians Caucus once belted out a robo-call to alert supporters about an upcoming fundraiser. He also performed a dramatic rendition of the Star Spangled Banner last month with comedian Stephen Colbert at a House Democratic retreat.

While Crowley told the New York Observer's Politicker website that the “Colbert Report” host could “be my back-up singer anytime,” he reveals to us that there’s one particular chart topper he’s dying to duet with: Bruce Springsteen.