Rep. McDermott gets in heated exchange with Fox News anchor

Kelly said McDermott was accusing the witness of lying to Congress.

“Can you reject it?,” Kelly asked. “He was lying. Is that your answer to this? That anybody who claims that they lost donations are misleading?”

McDermott argued that the witness merely needed to provide evidence of the charge, and said Kelly was putting words in his mouth by saying he had accused the witness of lying.

“No, no, no, wait a minute - Mrs. Kelly, you are putting words in my mouth. Stop that,” McDermott said. “You are putting words in my mouth. Stop it. I am saying – people can say anything and they do say in testimony before committees. The fact is we don’t know that to be true. If he would bring some evidence in and show it to us, we would be glad to see that.”

McDermott drew the ire of conservatives on Tuesday when he called the hearings into the IRS’s targeting of conservatives “political theater,” although he also acknowledged the IRS’s actions had been “stupid” and “inept.”

Updated at 3:35 p.m.