Gowdy believes Issa would take back ‘paid liar’ remark

Asked on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” if Issa’s remark went “too far,” Gowdy replied, “I think Chairman Issa would tell you it was." 

Issa made the remark on Sunday, blasting Carney’s handling of the Internal Revenue Service targeting scandal and saying that he was skeptical of claims that senior officials did not know about the higher scrutiny of Tea Party groups.

Gowdy defended Issa on Thursday and cited his personal friendship with his House colleague.

“I have the benefit of knowing him off camera. I have the benefit of knowing him when he's not on television shows. And he has been wonderful to me. And he is a decent, good human being. Is he perfect? Umm, no ma'am,” said Gowdy. “Neither am I. Neither is anyone we serve with.

“I think — your viewers probably think we take classes on how to handle television and how to answer questions. I can tell you I haven't had any. And sometimes — almost every day — I say the wrong thing and I phrase it incorrectly," he added.

Some Republicans have privately suggested to Issa that the comment went too far and may cost public support for their efforts to probe the IRS scandal.

Issa, however, has not taken back the remark.

"I think if Chairman Issa had to have it back, he would say that Jay Carney has reiterated things that are demonstrably false, that he has taken liberties with the truth, but I think he would phrase it differently," Gowdy said. "To his credit, I think he would tell you that."