Congressman has a thing for Beyonce

The Majority Whip said to laughs that he stopped Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) dead in his tracks at the first sighting of the chart topper and told him he wanted to take a photo of him.

When the former vice presidential candidate asked him the reason for the pic, McCarthy says he responded: “Beyonce’s coming. And had you won, she wouldn’t be here.”

McCarthy said with a chuckle that a few other GOP House members got in on the action, disclosing that Reps. Greg Walden (Ore.) and Fred Upton (Mich.) “photobombed it.”

“I’ve got to be honest,” McCarthy continued, “I’m a big Beyonce fan."

And it seems McCarthy’s big into photos. At one point during the festivities, the lawmaker eyed the entertainer and offered to snap her photo in front of the inaugural scene with his iPhone.

“I’m standing out by the podium thinking this is my moment.”

But McCarthy apparently had ulterior motives. “To be honest with you, I’m thinking, she’s got to give me her email address.”

“I never got the email,” he cracked.

While McCarthy may have no messages in his inbox from Beyonce to speak of, there was at least one perk to taking the snapshot of the star. When word got out that he photographed the Grammy winner, McCarthy says his Twitter following shot from 65 people to 11,000.