Cummings: Obama 'really frustrated' by GOP obstruction

The president appointed two members to the National Labor Relations Board in 2011 to keep the five-member panel functioning, but a federal appeals court ruled the appointment unconstitutional because the Senate was not technically in recess — something the Obama administration has called a procedural trick.

The president's renomination of the NLRB positions is at the center of Tuesday's showdown over the filibuster, with Democrats concerned that the labor board won't be able to continue its work if new nominees are not officially confirmed before the term of board Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce expires on Aug. 27.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has threatened to change Senate rules to remove the ability to filibuster presidential nominees if Republicans do not relent.

Cummings said that Democrats were not disappointed with Obama "because they know he is trying."

"I think the president tries very hard to accomplish things," Cummings said. "But I can tell you, sitting on the committee I sit on as ranking member of Oversight, there are efforts to block him at every single turn."

Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), also appearing on the same "Morning Joe" panel, disputed Cummings's characterization, saying the president had "overreached" on his recess appointments. He also said Obama lost trust with Republicans by selectively enforcing legislation.

"This is a president who routinely suspended bills, chosen which laws he wants to enforce or not, we saw it just last week on ObamaCare itself," Cole said.