Dem lawmaker wouldn’t know Obama chief of staff 'if he were sitting here’

“Maybe he’s been someplace, but I’m on the Ways and Means Committee, I’m the ranking member on the Health subcommittee that’s implementing the bill, I’ve never seen him.”

McDermott went on to blast the White House as "terribly inefficient in dealing with the promotion of their bill."

"The 2010 election was a referendum on it, and they sat quietly and we lost the House, after we’d gone to bat for this bill, we then lost the House,” McDermott said.

The White House has been more publicly championing the law in recent days, as the administration gears up for beginning registration in the new insurance exchanges. 

First lady Michelle Obama encouraged attendees at the conference of the National Council of La Raza to sign up for the Affordable Care Act's exchanges.

"We all have the power and the urgent responsibility to get after our young people and get them to sign up," the first lady said. "Because while they may roll their eyes for a moment, we know that when mama and abuela speak, they listen. That's where you come in."

Earlier this week, the president met with actors at the White House in an effort to convince them to champion the health insurance exchanges. And last week, the president touted the healthcare reform law's consumer savings in a speech at the White House.

But McDermott said Wednesday he wanted to see more "get up and go" from the White House.

"We’ve been prodding them and talking and trying everything we can,” McDermott said.