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Steve King pranked by liberal group

In the video entitled “King on Immigration,” which is over a year old, King says that immigration law should let America have the “pick of the litter” of immigrants, and made an analogy to his family's pets.

Critics claim that King was likening immigrants to dogs.

In the pop-ups, American Bridge links to another video featuring more controversial comments by King, and tells viewers, “Don't listen to Steve King's excuses — comparing immigrants to dogs is just plain offensive.”

In a fundraising email, King claims the remarks were actually complimentary.

“In fact, I’ve even received dozens of messages from Hispanics who have watched the video letting me know it was complimentary and many of them declared their disgust for the way the left has tried to twist my words!” he says.

King, one of the staunchest opponents of immigration reform in the House, stoked controversy earlier this month when he said he opposed measures to grant citizenship to young illegal immigrants, some of whom were brought to the country by their parents, because he said many are drug runners.

“For everyone who's a valedictorian there's another 100 out there that weigh 130 pounds, and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert,” King said. “These people would be legalized with the same act.”

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