Rep. Peter King: Paul more interested in ‘blowing up stuff’

Paul recently criticized King and Christie for accepting federal disaster aid for recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy. King said Wednesday that Paul "never saw the devastation" from the storm.

"It's easy to say cut this or cut that, you can have an intelligence debate about it, but so far he hasn't shown much intelligence," King said.

King also said Paul's stances on foreign policy are making "America the enemy."

"I'm afraid that's what Senator Paul is going to do with us," King said. "He wants to retreat from the world. He wants to isolate ourselves, go back to a fortress America."

Paul has been an outspoken proponent of cutting United States aid to foreign countries as well as staying out of overseas conflicts. He has repeatedly sought to pass legislation that would cut off federal aid to Egypt.

"The Republicans had this debate back in the 1930s, when you had the isolationist and the Charles Lindberghs, and the Democrats had it in the 1960s when the anti-war movement blamed America first. In both cases it hurt the party for years," King said.