Rep. Holt: House needs 'adult leadership'

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Rep. Rush Holt (D-N.J.) accused House Republicans of being obsessed with ideological issues during an interview on MSNBC on Friday night.

"We need adult leadership," Holt said on the "Rachel Maddow Show," noting that Republicans voted for the 40th time to repeal a part of Obama's healthcare law.

"How are you going to negotiate to get legislation with people who have this obsession, an ideological obsession, to repeal?" he asked. "It's just like, how can you negotiate on science education with people who deny Evolution? How are you going to deny health care quality of coverage for women with people who invent their own biology about women?"

Holt, a scientist who is running for the Senate, also hammered Republicans who called for drug testing food stamp recipients.

"I mean, I don`t hear them suggesting that we require drug testing for farmers to get crop insurance, or to get crop subsidies," he said. "By the way, some members of Congress who are voting against this bill were getting crop subsidies."