Pelosi: 'Let us pray' Russian proposal avoids military action in Syria

“I hope that it works,” Pelosi Tuesday said after a meeting where the Democratic Caucus was briefed by White House chief of staff Denis McDonough. “Our members were assured by the president's chief of staff that this [offer] — if it is serious, if it is credible, if it is real — will be given every consideration. And that's good news.”

She later said, “Let us pray that the Russian proposal is one that will avoid the use of force.”

The diplomatic approach, which evolved rapidly Monday from an offhand suggestion by Secretary of State John Kerry to a strategy backed by Syria, Russia and Obama, seems to have given the White House an exit to the Syria dilemma at a time when the president is struggling to rally even Democrats behind his proposal to strike the war-torn country in response to Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons.

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