Rep. Duckworth: GOP using war vets as 'political theater'

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“You have to pass a budget; we need a clean [continuing resolution],” she said on MSNBC’s "Hardball." “And then to use veterans, you know, this is political theater, and it’s not acceptable. My dad was a World War II veteran, and he’d be shaking his head right now if he saw what was happening to the country that he fought for.”

The National Park Service opened the World War II Memorial Wednesday to visiting veterans after the site became a flashpoint of controversy.

A busload of veterans arrived early on Tuesday to visit the memorial, but it had already been barricaded because of the government shutdown. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle rushed to the site to score political points off the optics of veterans being barred from visiting their memorial, but Republicans have continued to harp on the controversy.

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