GOP member: Dems 'lying' when they say debt default is near

Schweikert said the U.S. government collects 18 percent of total U.S. gross domestic product, and pays out just 2 percent to service its debt. That, he said, shows the U.S. is nowhere near the point of being unable to service its debt.

"We're never, ever, ever, ever — it's implausible that we won't make our interest payments," he said.

"Has the left decided that it's hungry to scare the markets, hungry to scare the world debt markets?" he asked. "And is this how you leverage politics?"

Schweikert more generally called on Democrats to stop using words like "terrorist" to describe Republicans who are seeking changes to ObamaCare in the context of the spending fight, and who are likely to seek spending cuts in the context of the debt ceiling fight.

"I've had members come to the microphone ... and use language like 'terrorist.' The White House has stood behind the use of the language of 'gun to the head.' "

He also criticized Democrats for refusing to negotiate on fiscal issues, especially after Democrats sought to compromise with Republicans over gun control. 

"How about just a little bit of intellectual consistency from the left?" he said.