Rep. Duffy presses MSNBC's Brzezinski: 'You are part of the problem'

"If it's good enough for the American people, it should be good enough for the president, Michelle, their kids, my family," Duffy said. "[Lawmakers and their families] shouldn't have their own gold-plated healthcare plan."

Duffy praised GOP members of Congress for their willingness to compromise with Democrats on their opposition of ObamaCare. He said although they first wanted to defund the reform, they now only want to make minor changes.

"Mika, I've got to tell you, my mom is a good liberal and she loves you and she's happy I'm on your show, but I've got to tell you, you're part of the problem," Duffy said.

"You're part of the problem because the Republican caucus can sometimes be unreasonable, but look how far we've moved," he said. "We wanted to defund [ObamaCare], we wanted to delay it, now we are just going to ask for some very simple tweaks and reforms.

Brzezinski suggested that Duffy has a bigger issue on hand, and that's the possible implosion of the Republican Party.

"You have a lot of good questions," Brzezinski said. "But as part of the problem, as you so kindly put it, I will ask you very honestly … do you not think that members of your party, especially in Congress and the Ted Cruz group, are not imploding the Republican Party? Are you guys not imploding?"

Duffy admitted that the GOP had a "horrible strategy" to derail ObamaCare and said his party, in hindsight, should have allowed ObamaCare to roll out naturally because the reform would have exposed its flaws on its own.