September 11, 2014

Molotov cocktail thrown in Cleaver's office

The cocktail tossed into Rep. Emanuel Cleaver's Missouri office did not explode.
September 11, 2014

House punts on Syria decision as talk turns to October session

Lawmakers might need to be in D.C. the week of Sept. 29.
September 9, 2014

House Democrat: 'Taliban 5' won't return to the battlefield

Rep. Hastings (D-Fla.) argued prisoners exchanged for Bergdahl unlikely to return to combat.
September 9, 2014

House vote on government funding bill expected Thursday

A stopgap funding bill will be released Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) said.
September 8, 2014

Lawmakers offer bills authorizing use of military force against ISIS

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson and Republican Rep. Frank Wolf offered the bills.
September 7, 2014

Gutierrez going 'back to the drawing board' with Obama on immigration

The Illinois Democrat said Obama was "playing it safe."
September 5, 2014

After five-week recess, Congress might cut September session short

President Obama jabbed lawmakers for taking a "vacation" in August.
September 5, 2014

Ryan to Obama: Get ready to veto

He said Republicans will force Obama to make tough decisions if they win the Senate.
September 3, 2014

House GOP bill would authorize use of military force against ISIS

Rep. Frank Wolf said Congress should act when it reconvenes in September.
September 2, 2014

When Congress was popular

Congress is so unpopular that voters were more positive about brussels sprouts.