Stewart: 'Oh my God, Rick Perry is going to be our next president'

Jon Stewart ripped apart Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's jobs speech on "The Daily Show" Wednesday night after the Republican debate.

The former Massachusetts governor delivered a speech Tuesday outlining his jobs proposal.

"The Daily Show" played a clip of Romney at his jobs speech saying, "America should be a job machine, jobs being created all the time, we should have a job-creating machine in America."

Stewart responded, "Of course! A job machine. It's so easy; it was right in front of our faces. Job machine — and instead of going to war we should come up with some kind of peace machine and an anti-cancer ice cream. What else you got, idea machine?"

At the end of the segment, after going through Romney's speech, Stewart said, "OK, fine, let's let Perry have authenticity, you're the smart guy, you're the numbers guy."

"I just want to talk to you about our economy, about what's happening to American families. Middle-income Americans, the average American, ought to have the highest income in the world," said Romney.

"You do realize that's mathematically impossible. The average American, if he was the richest … you know what? F--k it," said Stewart.

"Let's just introduce our new segment: 'Oh my God, Rick Perry is going to be our next president.' "